On Jul 9, 2007, at 2:44 PM, Jean-Paul Natola wrote:
Because sometimes new versions of the OS come with new built-in user
accounts, which need to be added to the existing passwd or groups
databases somehow?

Yes, exactly. Have to *merge* the changes into /etc/master.passwd rather
than brute force overwrite.

Notice the difference from my first post in this thread, the file which
was clobbered is /etc/master.passwd, not just /etc/passwd which is a

I'M DONE now- now I cant even boot into safe or single user mode

It keeps asking me to enter full pathname of shell or RETURN for / bin/sh

I hit enter and I see the same message again , and again , and again and again

I have two thoughts for you:

One, FreeBSD should be a little easier to update, as the instructions for doing so are mildly complicated and are buried too far within the UPDATING document.

Two, you really should learn how to perform an update and/or recover from system problems if it doesn't boot by working on a test system first, and only making significant changes to a production system once you've gotten confident you know what you are doing. Failing that, perhaps you ought to hire a sysadmin or consultant with decent BSD experience, and let them solve the issues so that you can focus on other things....


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