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My friend is switching to Linux because FreeBSD is failing on him.

When downloading a file from a FreeBSD box and a Linux box on the same
network, the FreeBSD box got 88.78 KBps whereas the Linux got 624.95
Kbps. I have no idea what's wrong, but my man isn't really into good
information design (e.g. taking something complex and making it easy),
so his system is a mess. Maybe some of you can help me locate where the
problem's at?

It's probably best to start at the basics and work up:

1) uname -ar on both systems
2) do both systems have identical hardware?

3)what are you coping over, lots of small files, one large file.  i.e.
what kind of benchmark are you using?

that's the best place to start.  it looks like you have a ton of pf
stuff going on, and have made many changes to your kernel via sysctl.
i didn't really look at that stuff closely - that info is kinda
pointless w/o the basic hardware, OS data.


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