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Olivier Regnier wrote:
I searching to find information about my CPU type.
i have this: CPU: Mobile AMD Sempron(tm) Processor 2800+
(1600.06-Mhz 686-class CPU) I must configure my CPUTYPE?=
in /etc/make.conf. I'ts i686 (686-class) or i386 ?
"i386" is the architecture;  it includes all the similar processors
including the 486, Pentiums, Athlon, etc.   Other architectures are
completely different hardware, eg Sun's SPARC.

The 686-class is the specific processor within the i386
architecture.  if you look in /usr/share/examples/etc/make.conf
you'll see a list of options for CPUTYPE.  athlon-xp might be the
closest to your cpu.  However, some folks here recommend against
using overly specific cpu optimization.  You can go safe and just use

I'm not sure that is safe, Athlons, Sempron etc are back-compatible to
686 i.e. Pentium Pro, which is way before Intel developed the Pentium4.
   Use athlon-xp (hyphen or no hyphen? I forget..).
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