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1.- The main filesystem / get overfilled, it was 108% used !! because the
USB disk files were in the mounted directory (/usb2). My question is, how
is this possible? it was full and more, where were the files??

If you're asking "why 108%" the answer is that 8% of total available space is reserved for the root user and performance optimization. Search the lists, this is a FAQ.

I reboot the system after delete the files in the /usb2 directory, i
prefer to save the / filesystem.

2.- When I try to mount (after this) the USB disk it says that I must use
fsck because thera are problems in the disk (logic), but I don't find any
utility to run a fsck in a GELI cryptografied disk (or without crypto).
What can I do? I haven't see nothing in the handbook or man pages about
fsck on GELI disks.

No, you run fsck on the file system on the geli "decrypted" disk: fsck /dev/something.geli

3.- Also, I have a problem after this, when I try to use smbutil to
connect to Windows computers, i can't, i get an kernel error saying that
"smb_util_xxx is not in the kernel" (something like that, I don't have
here the exact message now). How can I correct this?

I don't know what smbutil is, maybe you mean mount_smbfs?

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