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I understand your problem.

dyndns.com is taking care of the forward dynamic DNS for you.

Now who is in charge of the reverse DNS for (your
current IP)? I beleive it is FPT.

So FPT should upgrade its own reverse DNS every time it gives an IP to
your server.

Right now if I make a reverse DNS lookup on it gets
nothing, while it should get thecuong.gotdns.com.

The easiest way to solve your email problem would be that your server
sends all the email thought FPT mail server.

As a rule, it is a bad idea to use a machine with a dynamic address to
be an SMTP server: when the IP changes, the DNS cache will take some
time to update everywhere, so for some time your email will be sent to
the wrong IP: mailiong list may decide that your account is dead and
remove you from the list.


This same issue is being discussed at
http://www.bsdforums.org/forums/showthread.php?p=265093#post265093  ;)
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