Tim Daneliuk wrote:

2) Better still is there some sort of "include" mechanism where I could
   keep a flat file of public host information for use by db.external,
   but include it into db.internal.

I don't think there is, but let someone who uses bind more than I do give a definitive on that :-)

What you *can* do, irrespective of bind version, is to have two files which you pre-process with m4, and have a third file which m4 includes on both the others.

So you start with:

   internal.M4 which includes "shared"
   external.M4 which also includes "shared"
   shared which gets included in the other two.

Then m4 internal.M4 > internal and m4 external.M4 -> external.

Bind then loads internal and external.

Alternatively you could start with one M4 file which uses lots of ifdefs for the non-shared portions. The create internal and external by specifying different definitions to m4. e.g. m4 -D _TYPE=EXTERNAL or m4 -D _TYPE=INTERNAL.

For a problem with small differences between two files, this is a better solution, but not what I'd do in this case.

Whole process can be easily controlled with a Makefile (including any restarts).


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