Bruce Caruthers wrote:
Hi, all.

I am in the process of replacing my old, formerly
solidly reliable 4.2 RAID server.  I've been eyeing
the Intel DG965WH motherboard and its kin, but from
my searches of the mailing list archives, it seems
unclear whether it will work.  There were several
postings with workarounds (e.g. turn off ACPI, the
marvell_pata patch, etc.) but no followup postings
to indicate whether any of that worked...

=== My Question:
So, can I use an Intel motherboard with the 965
chipset?  If not, what is the latest chipset I can
use which will meet my needs?

=== My needs are:
* long-term reliable (current system is 7 years old)
* 6+ SATA with RAID 1 (RAID 5 would be nice, but
  not required -- old server is just RAID 1 with
  a Highpoint 370 on an Abit BX133 mobo)
* Firewire for removable "snapshot" drives
* Preferably PCI-e/Express, since that seems to be
  the near-future for later expansion
* Being able to use non-SATA CD/DVD drive for
  installs and perhaps experimenting with BSD DVD
  burning tools
* Unless I do the DVD burning stuff, CPU doesn't
  matter to me (currently using Celeron 766MHz on
  old server, with 256 MB RAM, and only noticed
  when rebuilding a kernel)
* I don't care about audio, and just need basic
  text-mode VGA, since this will sit in my basement.

=== OS:
If it matters, I'll be moving from 4.2 to I guess
6.2 with this (clean install).  I've used pre-1.0
FreeBSD/386BSD up through 4.10, but haven't messed
with 5.x or newer yet.  Any major gotchas I should
be aware of?

Sorry for being long-winded.  Just want to be clear
on what my concerns are, so I don't waste anyone's
time.  :)

Bruce Caruthers       
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Hello Bruce,
I'm no expert but when I asked similar questions about this board and a server board I found this information:
The 965 motherboard uses the ICH8 chipset

FreeBSD ata(4) supports the ICH8

Intel Technical doc

So it looks like the 965 motherboard should work under FreeBSD 6.2

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