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Somethings isn't quite right here.
It was suggested I load the accf_http from the /boot/loader.conf file. I did. So, now I removed the line from /boot/loader.conf; it is empty of any directives. I rebooted and accf_http.ko is no longer in the kernel - according to kldstat.

man loader.conf

Once you understand what loader.conf is for, and what a kernel module is, you
should understand what has happened.

ps xa | grep htt gives

.... /usr/local/sbin/httpd - DNOHTTPACCEPT

Something is fishy here... any thoughts?

nothing fishy at all. read the man, read about kernel modules, read :)

Why me? I always seem to get these weird anomalies... :(

sorry to break it to you, but odds are it's due to your current lack of
understanding of the system, rather than the universe poised against you :)
don't worry, it's fixable (understanding, not the universe ;) ).

Good luck,
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Well, I don't think the universe is against me. I rather think that there is a really serious lack of communications skills among many programmers. I find that often the simplest installations are overly complicated and "convoluted," if you will. For example, I have been strugglling with the installation of CUPS. For some reason the CUPS metaport would not install. I finally decided to install only the cups-base and then the configuration and implementation were child's play. No need to install gnu-ghostscript of gutenprint or any of the other stuff - I just put the ppd file for my specific printer in the cups/ppd directory, tweaked the configuration and bingo. The same for I had to figure out a way to simplify the installation and had no need to go through 12 hours of compilation from the source code. The binary was a snap, once I figured it out. Apache22 and Samba had me confused for a while, but with a little help from the mailing list I got straightened out and it all works like a charm.

But the httpd -DNOHTTPACEPT remains a mystery; after removing the loader.config entry, I rebooted, checked the kldstat, found the module no longer loaded in the kernel but the ps waux | grep httpd still came up with -DNOHTTPDACCEPT. I did not do any further tweaking or make any changes to apache22 and now it boots correctly and the -DNOHTTPDACCEPT is no longer there. Now, wouldn't you say that is weird. But then, I do admit that I do not understand the system.

However, I am the greatest fan of "understanding" you could find. That's why I ask questions that may seem strange at times. BTW, my advice to programmers and, for that matter, anyone in any kind of a project - think about the end user and how he will see the results of your works, how he will use it without having the "creator's" vision.

I enormously appreciate the help you and everyone who responded were able to offer. Hope I can do so for others as I grow with the system.
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