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Jona Joachim <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I use claws-mail and I love it. It can display inline html with the
> dillo plugin.

yeah, claws-mail is superb. Thunderbird was becoming too sluggish for me (i 
switched over a year ago...claws- reminds me of another gem of email clients, 
XFMail, which i think is not being developed anymore). It is highly 
configurable. It has some bugs here and there, but nothing i can't live with 
(or without ).

I use the gtk-htmls plugin for html email viewing. it works fine, except that 
the default font (as sent from outlook / outlook express) shows too small (as 
in tiny)...but i cant be bothered trying to figure out how to change that :-)

i had used dillo, but i found that quite often it'd spin out of control or spaw 
process that wouldnt die easily. it was at least 6 months back (or more), so it 
may be different now.

GTKhtml2 , and dillo too, i think, allow you to prevent loading of remote 
images to prevent remote snooping on what you read or you dont.
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