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Currently I'm using 3 Netgear GS108 Gigabit blue-box switches chained
together for local traffic, with a FreeBSD server acting as the gateway to
the outside world, running ipfw and natd. The switches eventually lock up.

I've given up on netgear for any new still have a stack of
them,but wouldnt use them for anything critical.

Sometimes they work for a day, a week, even a month without problems. Then
at a random time of day or night, boom network goes down. It's not any
individual defective switch as I've tried re-ordering them several times as
well as testing them individually. The cables are all good and wired
correctly. I've pulled my hair out trying to find what's wrong. I'm not sure
I care anymore. I just need something stable enough that I can catch some
sleep without this re-occurring nightmare.

Are the switches behind a UPS?

What he said - I use consumer grade Linksys in my office - both wireless
routers and wired switches.  They have been rock solid for several years.
But ... the switch is sitting on a UPS IIRC...

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