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I have a script launched from cron every morning, that gets certain data over
the Internet from a remote computer, compares the new data with that from the
previous day, and outputs the difference (if any).

I'm relying on the fact, that cron e-mails me the output of each job.

However, I modified the script recently to produce the output (if any) in
HTML, rather than in plain-text format.

The HTML arrives by e-mail just as well as plain text used to, but no e-mail
program will render it as such, because neither the cron(8), nor the mail(1),
which cron uses to send e-mail, creates MIME messages...

How can I force the ``Content-Type: text/html'' header without hacking cron's
sources? I'd rather avoid poluting my script with e-mail sending code...

Maybe, cron should apply file(1)-like logic to the e-mailed content?

Thanks for any hints. Yours,

You need to change your script to send the email itself. I have many scripts that email reports, legs, and html reports. To accomplish this I have my cron job run a script like this (I have simplified the script you should be able to use it as a base):

# set full paths for all commands needed, and files needed

#fill in your correct email or alias you wish to use
TODAY=`$DATE +%m-%d-%Y`

# start the mailfile with the proper header,
# in this case it is an HTML header

#put more stuff into the report . . .
echo " " >> $MAILFILE
echo " " >> $MAILFILE
# Add any processing or log files to the middle of the mail file here
# you can even put HTML codes in here
echo "<BR> <BR>" >> $MAILFILE
echo " " >> $MAILFILE
# add the correct HTML footer
# send it to yourself
$MAIL -s "the report name" $MAILTO < $MAILFILE


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