At 05:02 PM 7/14/2007, Mikhail Teterin wrote:
Derek Ragona wrote:
= = I'd rather avoid poluting my script with e-mail sending code...

= You need to change your script to send the email itself.

Thank you, Derek, but -- as I stated already -- I wanted to see, if this can
be avoided...

Doing so makes it very non-portable. This would make your cron changes needed on any system and version you want to implement this behavior.

Since you posted your script, I'll comment on it. First of all, you don't need
ksh for anything you are doing in this script. FreeBSD's /bin/sh is enough
(we aren't Solaris :-) -- but is 9 times smaller here (amd64).

I don't need ksh for the particular sample I gave you, which is pared down from any I use. I posted a simple boilerplate that anyone who reads the list can use. For most things /bin/sh works well, but the overhead of ksh on a modern server is negligible.

Now, instead of redirecting each line of output into MAILFILE, then mailing,
and removing it, you should be either outputing everything directly into

                cat $REPORT_LOG_HEADER
                echo " " >> $MAILFILE
                echo " " >> $MAILFILE
                echo "<BR> <BR>" >> $MAILFILE

                cat $REPORT_LOG_FOOTER
        } | $MAIL -s "the report name" $MAILTO

This was done as an example. In many cases I have reports generated in html, and simple email the URL of the report.

or, if you want to use the temporary file, use exec to redirect into it
_once_, instead of _on every line_:

        exec > $MAILFILE
        cat $REPORT_LOG_HEADER

        printf " \n \n<BR><BR>\n"
        $MAIL -s "the report name" $MAILTO < $MAILFILE
        $RM $MAILFILE

This may look nicer, but is not, because temporary files are nasty, and you
need to be sure, that you remove them in case you are interrupted (trapping
signals, etc.)

I removed the signal handling from my example as I didn't want to add that much complexity. It is trivial to add proper signal handling.

I was surprised, one can not redirect into a pipe directly. The following did
not work, as I expected, with neither /bin/sh nor /usr/local/bin/ksh93. The
following, I thought, would be the same as my first example, only

        exec | $MAIL -s "the report name" $MAILTO
        cat .....

But it is not. So you have to chose from one of the first two examples.

This is UNIX. Meaning there are many ways to accomplish tasks. Just choose the tools and methods you want. I strive to make cron scripts simple and portable. I support a multitude of servers running different UNIX versions and flavors.

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