Written by Tim Daneliuk on 07/13/07 17:29>>
While we're on the subject of dns ... I have nfs mounts configured in
/etc/fstab using the host *name*.  When the system boots, it grumbles
about the name resolution because named has not yet been started.  It
works fine because, by the time you have a fully booted system, named is
running and nfs runs happily.

'Just wondering if there is a way to get the warnings during boot to
be quiet without resorting to using IP addresses in the fstab nfs
mount entries...

If the filesystems are not needed until the system is up multiuser, you could specify the 'late' option on them in fstab, forcing them to be delayed until /etc/rc.d/mountlate is run after /etc/rc.d/DAEMON has completed. This will ensure that named is running prior to the mount, since DAEMON requires SERVERS, which starts named.
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