Nikola Lecic wrote:
On Mon, 16 Jul 2007 11:57:44 +0545
Tek Bahadur Limbu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Nikola Lecic wrote:
On Sat, 14 Jul 2007 00:32:54 +0545
Tek Bahadur Limbu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Hi All,

Due to a power outage, my FreeBSD-6.1 (i386) machine got rebooted. However, upon reboot right after the initial startup menu, it
simply hangs.

I tried rebooting the machine several times but in vain.

My Bios detects my hard drive. Also since I get the initial
startup menu, something must be wrong or corrupted in the Boot

Can somebody point me or give me any hints about fixing this
problem. I have really some information in my hard drive which I
want to keep or restore.
Hello Tek,

The first thing I'd do is to download FreeSBIE (if you already don't
have it), boot from it and do some initial inspection of the main

Then you will probably collect some more data about status of file
systems etc. that will allow people from this list to share with you
much more useful advices than it's possible at the moment.
Hi Nikola,

I just finished downloading FreeSBIE and when I tried to boot it, I
get the following errors:

CD Loader 1.2

Building the boot loader arguments
Looking up /BOOT/LOADER...  Found
Read Error: 0x10
Could not find Primary Volume Descriptor

Does this mean that my hard drive is dead and gone?

No, this message is not about your hard drive. This means that live-CD
doesn't like your hardware (maybe a bit older if such an error appears),
or actually something much simpler:

... Have you checked the MD5 sum of the downloaded image? This error can
also be caused by one funny thing: what burning speed you used to burn
FreeSBIE? Check MD5 sum and burn it again at <=4x. This can help :)

Hi Nikola,

Oh!. I burned it at 32x!!! I guess I have to burn it at 4x and used it again.

I will give the live CD any try.

If you still can't start FreeSBIE, then try any other live-CD or maybe
gparted ( which can copy/paste
partitions to another hard-drive -- to save your data if possible
before you continue trying to rescue the whole system.

Nikola Lečić
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With best regards and good wishes,

Yours sincerely,

Tek Bahadur Limbu

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Jwl Systems Department

Worldlink Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Jawalakhel, Nepal
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