At 04:54 PM 7/16/2007, Roger Olofsson wrote:
Dear mailing list,

I have 2 IBM HDs and one WD HD (ata) in an old pc and for some reason FBSD 6.2 can't find the IBMs on a warm-boot. Cold-boot is fine and, the WD is fine.

The motherboard is an old Aopen AX34 and all settings are default except for ACPI that's off.

The first thought that came to mind was that one of the IBMs are going bad, but, I find it very unlikely that both HDs are doing it. One is a 120 and one is an 80gigger but both 'vanish' on warm-boot.

Some other setting in bios than ACPI?

Grateful for any answer,

IBM had some utilities for those drives which are now supported by fujitsu. You should run the drive fitness utility. Also there was a utility to set the drive firmware to spin down to make it quieter. You may need to change that setting.


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