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On 7/16/07, Steve Franks <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I know this is browser-specific, so let's just say firefox - how do I
make a link to a page that I can execute directly?   This is not the
type of thing that's easy to google for.  I tried copying some of the
".url" links from my win32 box and opening them with firefox, but that
was just wishful thinking...


I'm not sure if you can, to be honest. (Although I may be wrong).
Windows lets you do this because the .url extension is associated with
your browser through the windows registry. Hardly any other operating
systems have a registry type thing...(I don't even think mac has one).

What you could do is make a shell script that executes your browser
with a command line option with the URL. Check the docs for your
browser, almost every browser lets you do this. Like "firefox
-url="; or something.
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Probably depends on the desktop actually. If you have Gnome or KDE then you should be able to do this, since it is very basic functionality of any modern desktop.

I just looked at this in KDE: on your desktop, right click and goto 'new' and then goto 'location [url]' - type in the info and hit 'ok'. I don't have the Gnome installed, but bet that the functionality is there in one of the menus.

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