At 1:19 PM -0500 1/28/03, Bill Moran wrote:
Mark wrote:
        Is there a better way to manage lpd permissions than
specifying individual hosts in /etc/hosts.lpd?  I have a
heterogeneous network here (there are a few Winder's machines
in addition to a bunch of Unix machines) that has a bunch of
machines on it, all of which are listed in a local DNS server.
        What I'd really like to be able to do is just say:
"Allow any machine from this local domain to connect to lpd."

        The documentation for hosts.lpd doesn't help out on
format here, and the source code for lpd.c seems to confirm
that there is, indeed, no wildcarding supported.

        Any other options?
I wouldn't normally chime in like this, but I want to add a
"me too" here.

In my case it would be perfectly acceptable to eliminate all
host checking on the part of LPD, since the LPD port is
firewalled off from everything but our local network anyway.

Haven't been able to find any way to do this (or what Mark
asks for) in the docs anywhere.  Am I missing something?
The docs do not admit this, but iirc you can list a netgroup in
your /etc/hosts.lpd file.  Unfortunately, that is not a useful
or convenient option for many users.

I have been thinking I should add simple pattern-matching support,
but I haven't decided exactly how I'd like that to work.  I will
move that higher in my list of things to do to lpr.

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