At 09:50 AM 07/17/2007, Modulok wrote:
For anyone who has this NIC...

Is the "Intel PWLA8391GT" network interface card supported on 6.1
Release? I read the hardware notes section and it didn't mention it. I
also read the man page for the em(4) driver, it mentions some of the
other models, but not this one specifically. The only thing I could
find on google was the mention of it in a review on, but
the guy never mentions what version of FreeBSD he's using, or what
driver the card uses. If anyone has this card...does it work and which
driver does it use...and any gotchas?

this looks like the Intel Pro 1000GT card?
if so, its supported by the 'em' driver
and I use it w/o any issues in 6.2

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