A week ago I did a buildworld and after rebooting I tried to start either Firefox 2.0.04 and Thunderbird as they are both standard applications of my daily work. Both applications did not start, via top(1) I recognized on both clients a "STATE ucond". Well, I thought this could be due to a newer kernel and userland so I simply recompiled both Firefox and Thunderbird - with no success. Both installation processes get stuck in "===>> Building chrome's registry ... " and never come back.

I do have two other boxes running FreeBSD 7.0-CURRENT, one i386 SMP and another amd64 SMP and on both neither Firefox nor Thunderbird show that weird 'ucond' STATE in top(). I never dared recompiling both applications so i can not say whether the problem is related to the one box (UP).

Does anyone have recognized this problem? How to fix it? Without having the specific port installed, how can I rebuild every dependency? If the port is already installed, someone simply need to type 'portupgrade -vrRf port", but is there any 'make' equivalent in the native ports-directory?

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