# [EMAIL PROTECTED] / 2003-01-27 23:07:11 +0800:
> Due to my ISP's smtp server not having a valid external hostname, I can
> only send emails to FreeBSD mailing list via yahoo's smtp server (which
> requires authentification).

    LART them, and if it doesn't help, LART them again. If that doesn't
    help either, LART them even more.
> Is it possible to setup my sendmail, so that it will relay emails to
> yahoo's email server instead?

    It should be possible. I know Postfix can be set up with "static
> Is editing the mailertable to add something like this correct?
> .freebsd.org                  smtp:smtp.mail.yahoo.com

    I don't know the format, sorry.

    Another thing to consider is whether smtp.mail.yahoo.com will allow
    you to relay through them like that.

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