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> Subject: Re: moving /home to new drive
> Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 12:46:36 +0700 (ICT)
> > Or do I need to delete the
> > symlink first and only then try to mount the new drive as /home?  
> - delete the symlink
> - create a directory /home
> - mount the new drive
> - copy the files

- verify the copy is successful
- mv /usr/home /usr/home_old

- create a symlink from /usr/home to /home - i DONT know whether this is 
necessary or not, but if you want to keep things as seamless as possible, you'd 
need it (i dont even know what is supposed to be the real path - i thought 
/usr/home was the real thing and /home just a shortcut).

- test /home 
- when happy, delete /usr/home_old (else you wont have made any room in the 
other drive ;) 

BTW, why not just 

- mv /usr/home /usr/home_old
- mkdir /home
- mount [new_drive] /home
- copy -r /usr/home_old/* /usr/home/  ( make sure you use an appropriate 
command for copying the data - cp does not handle special files correctly - 
check the archives for discussions on this subject).

- test and deleted old copy ?


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