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Hello again,

On Wed, 18 Jul 2007 12:46:36 +0700 (ICT), Olivier Nicole <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Or do I need to delete the
symlink first and only then try to mount the new drive as /home?
- delete the symlink
- create a directory /home
Do I create it on the existing drive and

- mount the new drive
then mount the new drive? I just want to make sure I unders

- copy the files

You cannot mount a disk on a symlink and you cannot mount a disk until
you have created the mount point.
And what about samba? I just realized I will need to alter sama
configuration becasue current /usr/home is available as a network share.
Thank you once again!

1. Mount new disk to temporary location.
2. Copy files over to disk.
3. Update /etc/fstab while files are being copied.
4. Drop into single user mode (if production machine), and login as root (just to avoid possible errors in programs :)..).
5. Delete files in /usr/home
6. Mount new drive at /usr/home.

   I know it's a long set of steps, but it's complete list.
If /usr/home is a symlink you could just symlink to the permanent mountpoint after 3., and forgo doing 4. - 6.
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