> FBSD has excellent documentation in so many areas that I find it VERY strange
> that Fixit use is such an exception.  I can't even get a description of the
> Fixit structure or a list of all the commands available, other than by booting
> from the Fixit CD and looking.  That's odd.

You don't have to boot the fixit cd - just mount it and look. I'm sure
that what you will find on the CD is a pretty complete FreeBSD system,
with the layout described in the hier man page.

All the Fixit CDROM is is a complete FreeBSD system. That's the single
best tool you could be provided for fxing a fried system.  Creating
special documentation for that is pretty much pointless, because all
it would do is duplicate the existing documentation. To learn about
how to repair systems with the Fixit CD, you need to learn how to
repair systems with FreeBSD. That documentation is in the man pages,
the handbook and the FAQ.

Basically, there's nothing special or magical about the Fixit disk, so
there's no need for any special documentation. If you believe that's
wrong, please feel free to write it and submit it as either a FAQ or
handbook entry. I'll be more than happy to review your words if you

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