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Hello Everyone.
I have a domain hosted on a vary large Visa CISP compliant host in the US of A.
Right now there software is
freebsd 4.11-release p19
mysql 4.0
osCommerce 2.2 ms2.

I am wondering if this is something
i need to worry about intil thay get
up to speed on the above said software.

FreeBSD 4.11 was a wonderfully stable and robust system. PHP 4 was and is still good, it was well over a year (maybe two years) after it's release before Zend and began using php5.

I would prefer a 4.11 system behind a well managed firewall, on a locked down server, administered by a security conscience and knowledgeable administrator, over a 6.2 system with portsupdate -aRr running every Sunday in Cron.

Both FreeBSD 4.x and php4 are not supported anymore. Bugs and
vulnerabilities in this software will not be fixed anymore. Mysql 4.0 is
also over four years old.

In short, you're running unmaintained and old software, which probably
has known bugs and vulnerabilities.

Running 6.2 would be running maintained software with as of yet unknown and unpublished bugs and vulnerabilities, of unknown severity.

I would worry.

I would do more research on the company. Choose the right craftsman and don't worry about the hammer.


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