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> I have a COMPAQ Presario (laptop) V2615LA with an AMD Sempron 1.83Ghz, 40 GB 
> HD, 256 MB RAM, I have the i386 arquitecture CD-ROM, I tried to install it, I 
> see the FreeBSD boot menu (the one in console mode, with FreeBSD "drown" in 
> white), I choose 1 (default), and in the init scripts, it stuck in a line 
> that says:

You dont say what version of FreeBSD is the CD....

i386 is the platform you need.


> I saw the README file in the CD and it says:
> FreeBSD supports COMPAQ/HP Alpha (alpha), Intel AMD (i386)...
> so I tried downloading the alpha arquitecture ISO (because I have a COMPAQ), 
> but when I boot from CD it happens anything (well, like it tries to read 
> something but it doesn't appears anything) and it go right to Windows.

just because Compaq bought Alpha years ago doesn't make Compaq-made hardware of 
the alpha architecture. As a matter of fact, (unless I'm very mistaken) Compaq 
drove the last few nails in Alpha's coffin, which was a pity.

> is there another arquitecture I should try? (like amd64 (but my CPU is not 
> 64))
> should I go to loader prompt and make some commands?
> is freeBSD not avaiable for some notebooks (because the drivers, or the 
> brand)?
> should I format all the HD and install FreeBSD in the hole disk?

you shouldn't have to do this.

> Thank you and sorry my English, I'm from Mexico

Tu ingles esta muy bien, sergio, no te preocupes ;)

You may want to ask in [EMAIL PROTECTED] , which is a list solely for laptop  
related issues.

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