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Please keep the list in CC.

> Well, I can confirm right now, that devd does not trigger, when you put eth 
> interface into
> DOWN state by "#ifconfig ifnameX down". Now, is that intentional behaviour or 
> a bug? 

well..i never expected devd to trigger a LINK_DOWN or UP event when one issues
an ifconfig down. The meanings are different - link up or down means the
physical layer, ifconfig [nic] up/down means 'enable the card in the OS' or, as
the man page puts it :

     down    Mark an interface ``down''.  When an interface is marked
             ``down'', the system will not attempt to transmit messages
             through that interface.  If possible, the interface will be reset
             to disable reception as well.  .

     up      Mark an interface ``up''.  This may be used to enable an inter-
             face after an ``ifconfig down''.  

you can have a card up or down, with or not link - they are independent. Either
link or interface down means you cannot transmit via it, but for different

> This 
> makes those LINK_UP devd triggers totally unusable.

no, it makes them perfectly usable for the  intended objectives of devd :)

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