I have a PC running FreeBSD 6.1. We use a 1GB USB key to transfer files
from our desktop PC's to this purposed machine.

Problem is, when inserting the key, it may or may not select the same
device name. For ease of use, and too many newbies

that don't want to learn, I'd like the device to show as the same name
every time I mount it.

I have added /dev/da0  with a mountpoint of /flash in the /etc/fstab,
but don't want to deal with adding additional lines and 

mountpoints either. I'd like the command mount /flash to work with any
one of the 10   1GB keys I purchased.

As it stands, I'm called in emergency that mount /flash doesn't work and
further investigation, ls /dev, begets da0s1 has been



Is there a way I can add a line of code to a system file that reserves a
device name, like da0:, to a mountpoint, like /flash?


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