Please excuses,
my english is bad, so i will explain in french my problem if this is not understood; i have a problem to install x window. my hope is to install kde. but without x, i am stopped; when i do pkg_add -r xorg, the response is: xorg 6.9is already installed or it's old version. when i do with cd /usr/ports/X11/xorg && make install clean: i have this reponse: error code 1, /usr/local/libdata/xorg/libraries not found in /usr/ports/xorg-libraries. other big problem because i have had this response at lot off attemptings: /usr/X11R6/ exists but is not a symlink. I have understoot in bad english that in the new versions , this file /usr/X11R6 must be only a symlink.
what i must do to updtate and make all the corrections for all the ports?
i think that there is a problem with a few of my ports, i can delete all the ports and install them in new ? like this i will have a system clean.
thin you.
what is error code 1? can i install all x window systeme? with sysinstall lot of packages are not installed: errors and failed are returned.
I have read the manual in french in first.
My version is 6.2
Areski Boudjema  Nanterre France

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