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> Basically it seems that it cant found /usr/local/bin/X because in fact
> it doesnt exist. I would like to know which port/s do I have to
> install for avoiding the meta port of xorg 7.2 which would install a
> lot of things that I really dont need...

I suggest you install the metaport (from packages , much faster : portinstall 
-pP xorg ) and then delete what you dont need.

> But I also ask you... when I
> installed XFCE and GDM, Shouldnt have their dependencies already
> installed the basics of xorg so I could run the X?

if you check xfce + gdm dependencies you'll see they depend on xorg-libraries, 
not xorg, which makes sense - you may want to run your display on a remote 
machine - u need xfce + the libraries locally, and xorg in the box with the 
video card and monitor.

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