Gary Kline schrieb:
>       Apologies for the triple postings, but this is general enough
>       for the -questions list and aimed at the gnome list.  It
>       includes a query for the KDE list.
>       I just opened a "konsole", the KDE-hacked xterm, IIRC.  I had the
>       BEL set to "system bell" and as with "terminals", vi/vim/and
>       other bell-type things just flashed the screen at me.  I do have
>       full-screen flash set up in my Gnome menu settings.  Nothing I
>       can do gets the .WAV bell to work under gnome.
Just guessing here, but if you have your ".WAV bell" set up via the KDE
system notifications, it may well be that knotify cannot output any
sounds in your GNOME session because artsd isn't running. Alternatively
to running artsd as part of your GNOME session, you can set up knotify
to use an external utility to play notifications, either via the KDE
Control Center or by editing ~/.kde/share/config/knotifyrc (by filling
in the External player line and setting Use Arts to false).

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