--- Ian Barnes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> If you rebuilding your kernel, why are you typing make buildworld? for a
> kernel recompile you should type: make depend, make, and make install
> (and
> make clean), but not make buildworld.

much earlier, i was having some questions about building a new kernel,
considering the documentation about the kernel rebuilding processes is not
very good.  (Sections 9 and 21 should be combined instead of isolated,

the steps that were agreed upon were the following:

     0 # (be root)
     1 # cd /usr/src
     2 # make buildworld
     3 # make buildkernel KERNCONF=<the-file-with-your-kernel-config>
     4 # make installkernel KERNCONF=<the-file-with-your-kernel-config>
     5 # shutdown -r now
     6 # make installworld
     7 # mergemaster -i

these are what i am following now.

i see you are recommending i use the "traditional way."  do you think it
will aleviate my problems?


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