i get the following error
l0: transmissions error: 90
xl0: tx underrun, increasing tx start threshold to 120 bytes
when trying to ftp a large tar.gz file to a dell poweredge network storage appli
the commands i'm using to upload this large tar.gz file are:
ftp -n -v storageappliance.organization.com
user myaccount
mput largefile.tar.gz
-i've used this method to ftp smaller tar.gz files, but when i try to upload thi
s large file (several gig in size) i get the tx underrun error, and the transfer


i've done some research on this error

i've found the following off the mailing list archives:

"According to:

Tx under runs occur when the tx state machine cannot get packet
data from memory fast enough to keep up with wire transmit
rate. Setting the start threshold higher increases the number
of bytes which are buffered in the tx fifo which increases the
allowable bus latency.

And according to the linux driver for the 3com cards:
Tx underrun (not enough PCI bus bandwidth).

It's not a problem as far as I know, if the message stops (depending on how
mutch traffic there is on your network, at my FreeBSD box it sometimes rizes to
300 bytes) the systems works fine. "

so - i'm wondering if anyone has deal w this type of issue before, and if so, how to 
configure my nic card to perform this type of ftp transfer.

any advice would be appreciated
thanks again

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