Hi all,

hope this is the right list.

I have a problem with booting from a 128MB USB-memory-stick with the ASUS 
A7V-133 motherboard. I downloaded the boot-floppy-image"boot.flp" (version 6.2) 
from the FreeBSD-FTP-server and "dd"-ed it to a memory stick. Booting from this 
stick works fine with every other computer I have (a notebook and a newer 
workstation also with an ASUS-board). But trying to boot from the stick with 
the A7V gives me the following output:

<------------------------- 8< ------------------------------->
Not ufs
Not ufs
No /boot/loader
FreeBSD/i386 boot
Default: 0:fd(0,a)/boot/kernel/kernel
Not ufs
No /boot/kernel/kernel
<------------------------- 8< ------------------------------->

So it seems to me that the BIOS reads the first sector of the memory-stick (the 
MBR) executes the code but then the bootloader seems to have problems with the 
drive geometry or something like this. So does anybody on this list have had 
similar problems or can give me a hint what to do to solve this problem?

BTW: I know that the used floppy-image is just for installation and I'm not 
able to boot a fully running system from it. But it seems to me the 
best/fastest way to test whether booting from the stick works or not.

Thanks a lot in advance
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