> Hi all,
> hope this is the right list.
> I have a problem with booting from a 128MB USB-memory-stick with the ASUS 
> A7V-133 motherboard. I downloaded the boot-floppy-image"boot.flp" (version 
> 6.2) from the FreeBSD-FTP-server and "dd"-ed it to a memory stick. Booting 
> from this stick works fine with every other computer I have (a notebook and a 
> newer workstation also with an ASUS-board). But trying to boot from the stick 
> with the A7V gives me the following output:
> <------------------------- 8< ------------------------------->
> Not ufs
> Not ufs
> No /boot/loader
> FreeBSD/i386 boot
> Default: 0:fd(0,a)/boot/kernel/kernel
> boot:
> Not ufs
> No /boot/kernel/kernel
> <------------------------- 8< ------------------------------->

What happens if you enter:


...at the boot: prompt (as opposed to fd(0,a)?

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