Thank you very much. See below.
Regards, Dima.

On 7/27/07, Nikola Lecic  wrote:

No, make (BSD make) is a part of FreeBSD, gmake (GNU make) is a
third-party application, available through devel/gmake port.
They _are_ different.
Yes, I forgot there was an alias. See at the bottom of the message.

> and only with "gmake" I succeed to build serious projects.

This is very interesting observation, could you expand on this?

Well, I don't want to make claims without basis, as it is based only
on my memories :).
I so completely switched to gmake during the winter that I even forgot
I have an alias.

I didn't succeeded to compile projects from my univ studies, but I
afraid I use all those gnu extensions. I _think_ I didn't succeeded to
compile the DEAL.II lib without gmake.
These are projects that don't use the "recursive make" paradigm, at least not in
all places. They "-include" makefiles from lower hierarchies, but I
afraid gnu extension
sit there in every place. Not shure, though ...

[EMAIL PROTECTED] /usr/home/dsorkin]$ /usr/bin/make --version
make: illegal option -- -
usage: make [-BPSXeiknqrstv] [-C directory] [-D variable]
       [-d flags] [-E variable] [-f makefile] [-I directory]
       [-j max_jobs] [-m directory] [-V variable]
       [variable=value] [target ...]
[EMAIL PROTECTED] /usr/home/dsorkin]$ alias make
alias make='gmake'
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