When did you try it last? There have been lots of improvements and you can set certain flags up to always be in effect if you need to.

Fairly recently - a couple of months back, probably April time. I can't
give the exact month because I have a lousy short term memory.

portmaster -L | grep version

tells me everything that needs to be updated and the -e switch removes ports i no longer want around, but then again, so does make deinstall clean. What does portversion do thats so special? same with pkg_deinstall

I don't think portversion and pkg_deinstall do anything special except let me be lazy about the /how/ of the ports system. They're easy to learn and that's about it. The way they're set up by default allows me to think less about how to do what I want to do, and that leaves more clock cycles in my brain for important stuff. I mean, instead of remembering "it's the -L flag to see what I have installed, then pipe to 'grep version'", I just type portversion. Easy.

To upgrade all ports plus deps, I use "sudo portupgrade -aRr", usually inside a screen session so I can disconnect and go do something else for a while, like sleep. [I can't remember what the flags do, I just pretend to be a pirate when I want to upgrade my apps. :P ] I'm sure portmaster is just as easy. There was just something about it I didn't like.

Incidentally, for removing ports I don't want I generally use pkg_cutleaves, which AFAIK is nothing whatsoever to do with portupgrade. Running "sudo pkg_cutleaves -x" is my idea of a good time. I'm definitely a minimalist.

BTW: Miguel, you should try portmaster as well as portupgrade and see which you prefer. Don't listen to our ramblings. There is no "right" choice here.

Adam J Richardson
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