Bruce Caruthers wrote:

During boot, it takes about one minute for every
drive I have attached to the SATA ports before I
get the listing of detected drives and RAID arrays
("Press Ctrl-I to ...").


Is this normal?  I'm thinking it isn't, since I
cannot seem to find anyone complaining about it on
any message boards.

Hi Bruce,

Your system sounds a lot like my HP e800 NetServer, internals unknown. It has one IDE hard disk and takes about a minute to get past the BIOS boot screen. :/

Also, it doesn't reboot. You have to press the power switch, wait, and press it again. No remote reboots for me.

And FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE-p3 doesn't start the second CPU, for some reason.

So you're not alone in having unreasonable and uncooperative hardware. These things just don't bother me enough to get me talking about it much. [It's FreeBSD! Who reboots? :D ]

Adam J Richardson
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