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> I had trouble getting CD burning to work, but the FreeBSD Handbook had
> the  info I needed to get it to work.  I had to modify my fstab and in
> order to  use k3b, I had to mount the CD on the command line first.  It
> won't work if  the CD is not mounted first, it's not as easy as it is
> in Linux, but it  works.

Thanks a lot.  You've made me feel like a complete idiot.  :-)

I'll try it tomorrow, but I'm pretty certain that is precisely what my
problem was.  The fact that I didn't think of it is rather embarrassing.

Well don't feel that way yet because I might be wrong and it might be
something else that is causing the problem you are having.   :)

Turns out that wasn't the solution. I had to kldload atapicam for it to work. Thanks, though. You reminded me to never forget the simple things.

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