Pollywog wrote:
sudo find / | grep gdm.conf

yields nothing. Where is it storing its settings if not in gdm.conf?

Did you check /usr/local/etc/gdm/  ?

Ah... thanks. We both got halfway there, thus yielding a complete solution. For some reason gdm.conf exists in some versions of gdm before 2.18, but not in 2.18 itself. Guess who updated recently? :D

Presumably users were having terrible difficulties with a file called gdm.conf. Possibly it was confusing or something. Anyway, the gdm devs changed it to custom.conf in /usr/local/etc/gdm/ and I'm sure they were right to do so.


Hey, I said something pretty stupid... I said the UDP port was in LISTEN mode. Of course UDP ports normally wait for datagrams, not listen for connections. Although as I understand it UDP sockets can be configured for streams. But that's not the point, because I was reading the line above in error. Whoops! :D

No luck with Xvnc/gdm yet. I tried setting the gdm user to nobody as well, but it hasn't helped. I'll go back to this tomorrow, my brain hurts. I'll get on with some nice simple Apache chrooting instead.

Adam J Richardson
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