John Bleichert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Hello All
> I've just installed a minimal 4.7 box with X, mwm and Mozilla 1.2.1 (which 
> is just plain mozilla in the ports, cvsup'd tongight). For some reason 
> there are very few fonts available in the preferences in Mozilla, and the 
> ones that are there look *awful*. I installed Netscape 4.8 and Opera and 
> the fonts are fine with them.
> Is something busted with native mozilla 1.2.1? Or am I missing something? 
> It takes a looooong time to build Mozilla on this box...

I'm just speculating, but the "awful" font appearance could be related
to Xft. I build mozilla with the following option:

# make WITHOUT_XFT=yes

This greatly improves font appearance in mozilla (IMHO). There may be
a way to fix this by tuning X, but then you have two problems :)

Do post if you find a workaround other than recompiling with the
above option.


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