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I recently purchased a new USB keyboard, since my old PS/2 one has seen its best days. This has caused me annoying problems with my ELI disks, though.

I have four SATA harddrives, all of which are encrypted using ELI encryption. I've encrypted the raw disks, ad0, ad1, ad2 and ad3. The resulting devices ad0.eli, ad1.eli, ad2.eli and ad3.eli, I've concatenated into a large device, cc0, on which I have several partitions. To get this working, I of course need to boot from a separate device, and for that I use an SD card, which holds a boot directory. With my old PS/2 keyboard, this worked like a charm, but it seems to me, the ukbd driver isnt activated until after the ELI encryption, which means I'm unable to enter the passphrases for the disks, thus I can't get the computer passed the first passphrase prompt.

Currently I have both the old keyboard and the new USB one connected. I use the PS/2 one to enter the passphrases, then I put it on the floor under my desk and use the USB keyboard. As you may very well understand, this is quite annoying. Is there a way to get the USB keyboard to work at the point where I enter the passphrases?

I've tried to change the keys for the disks to not use a passphrase, but only keyfiles and load them from loader.conf, just as described in the GELI man page (yes I did set the -P option), but that simply will not work (and to be honest, it's not a solution I'd favour); if I set the -b option (ask for passphrase on boot), it still asks for the passphrase, though there is none, and if I set the -B option (don't ask for passphrase on boot), the computer ends up at the "mountroot>" prompt.

I'd appreciate any help.


Rolf Nielsen

Try setting hints.atkbd0.disabled to 1 in the loader, or in the device.hints file. Your usb keyboard may work in early stages with that device hint.
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