Adam J Richardson wrote:
Chris Maness wrote:
I am having issues getting my USB mouse running. I don't get any error messages of the sort, and when I do #cat /dev/ums0 I don't get any funny garbage like I normally do out of a IO device. (That is after I kill moused).

Any suggestions?

I had this. I had to start some daemon before starting X... what was it now... devd? usbd? psmd? moused? Something like that, anyway. And I had to specify the "mouse port" IIRC. You know, something like "moused -p /dev/ums0".

Adam J Richardson
I tried that, but I get nothing. Should I expect to see garbage from #cat /dev/sysmouse and then move the mouse around? Can you do that in console mode, and see if that gives you anything?

Chris Maness
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