PowerMan wrote:
I guess you mean that:

The snapshots of 6.2 stable released in June 2007
have been patched , I can also download patches from http://security.freebsd.org/patches/ <http://security.freebsd.org/patches/>
and apply them to the offical release manually.

Is that right?


2007/7/29, Garrett Cooper <[EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>>:

    PowerMan wrote:
    > Dear sir,
    >      My first English is not English, please forgive me if I
    made some bad
    > words
    > or expression.
    >       I have learned from your web site http://www.freebsd.org,
    > that version 6.2 is released in 15 Jan, 2007.
    >       Is that a stable release?
    >        If it is, why there is 6.2-stable snapshots released in
    May and June
    > 2007?
    > Should all snapshots be released before a final stable release ?
    > should no snapshots be released after a final stable release?
    > I may not express myself very well, I wish you can understand me.
    > thanks.

        That's an official release. A few patched stable releases have
    done since then to fix security issues, as well as MFC (merged from
    current) modifications (new drivers added, etc).

        Also, snapshots of the managed CVS branches are done periodically
    (legacy, stable, current), which you may or may not have seen.

        Patches are made to all supported releases, until their
    EoL (end of life) dates, so that's why there are periodic releases.


   Yes, but those are source patches which:

1. Require a source tree.
2. Require a limited (one app and maybe small list of dependencies) to major rebuild (extensively used lib that has a lot of dependencies).

More current snapshots have those patches built into them.


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