I got KDE 3.1 installed and it's absolutely worth the wait! simply amazing! I
got the packages from fruitsalad and recompiled kdenetwork and kdegraphics to
get mozilla plugins and kamera/gphoto2 support. now I'm compiling kdepim3.

i looked into getting s/mime working with gpg in KMail, looks like it's some
work just to get the plugin to do s/mime, so i didn't feel like wasting too
much time as I use Mutt for my mails most of the time... let me know if there
is an easier way to get openpgp s/mime mails without doing all that stuff on
the kmail website... :) i dont think kmail came standard with x.509 support
either, but both of these are listed as the new features of KDE 3.1. hmm...


On  0, Miguel Mendez <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On 29 Jan 2003 09:46:41 -0500
> Tyler Parrott <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> >      I read this morning on freebsd.kde.org that the 3.1 port had been
> > released.  I cvsupped my ports tree and I still only seem to have up
> > to 3.0.5.  I'm using 5.0-RELEASE if that makes any difference.  Anyone
> > know where/how I might get the port or the .tgz?
> It's in the ports tree already, cvsup again :) I know my computer is
> still compiling the beast :) If you prefer prebuilt packages, you can
> get them from the fruitsalad project: http://rabarber.fruitsalad.org/
> Cheers,
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