I beleive in the past I have checked with
#cat /dev/ums0
and if things are working corectly, cat display binary garbage on the
screen when you wiggle the mouse. Try this after killing moused (moused makes ums0 unavailable).

Perhaps the mouse is dead or dying? Mine keeps its USB cable on a little spindle, and to unreel the cable you have to tug on the cable. Not the best design since the cable is very thin and has taken damage over time.

Adam J Richardson

The mouse is working well on another system. Did you try my little experiment?

Chris Maness

Trying it in a terminal under xfce4 and substituting /dev/sysmouse produces a torrent of spaces characters. I'm currently using a PS/2 mouse [ie. the "tit" mouse on an old laptop].

$ sudo cat /dev/sysmouse

Perhaps the xfce4 terminal translates the garbage into spaces.

Adam J Richardson
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