The DHCP reference for ed1 means dhclient is started (thereafter running
continuously as a daemon), which sets ed1's IP address to that assigned by
the cable modem.

Note that dhclient generally runs as a daemon because it has to handle lease
renewals and/or expiration.  I have no issues with it running as a daemon.

Oh, interesting. I had assumed the interface called dhclient itself if the lease expired, or something.

As you can see, local address is listed as "*:68", which means its listening
on port 68 on all interfaces.  I want to instruct dhclient to only listen on
my cable-modem facing network card.  If this were the case, issuing the
"sockstat -l4" command would return as above, but with local address saying
<<CABLE-MODEM-ASSIGNED-IP-ADDRESS>> is, unsurprisingly, the IP address
assigned to the network card by the DHCP server in the cable modem).

Is there a dhclient.conf somewhere in your /etc? That would surely hold the answer. Possibly editing /etc/rc.d/dhclient or /etc/netstart might help? I'm at the edge of my FreeBSD knowledge and in danger of falling off, so I'll stop with the suggestions now. :)

Adam J Richardson
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