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Tom Evans wrote:
This seems great in principle, but of course, you just gave them a root
shell, and so they can delete their log file easily enough...

You could have cron email it to you every 5 minutes. Unlikely he'd check the crontab immediately, unless he was really bent on the system's destruction. Likely you'd have at least some evidence of his behaviour. Of course your email box would fill up quickly.

Adam J Richardson


If you're really all that worried about this, don't give them root access. You could simply sit at the console with them while they work. IIRC, they're a contractor, not an employee. Your presence during such operations wouldn't be abnormal for a contractor.

I don't have the original post of this, so I don't know the details, but this sounds like a good project for remote audit logging. Or is that only in FreeBSD 7?
Or use accounting: accton(8).

Is it possible to setup an accounting file as an named pipe, to log to a remote host?


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