Cyrus wrote:
ok, i origainly had windows xp pro on my machine, i installed freebsd 6.2.
my machine has a 40gb seagate disk for o/s, and a 160 gb WD disk for

my question is, how do i go about formating the 160 gb, from ntfs to ufs for
use in freebsd?  and make it automount when system boots?

Thank you
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The simplest way if you're new to FreeBSD would be to use sysinstall. Just type sysinstall at the promt in the console. In the menu select Configure, then Fdisk. If you know the device name of the disk in question, you need only select that one in the list that shows up, otherwise select all. You will now see a screen with info about the each disk you selected, one at a time. For the disk(s) you do not want to change, just hit ESC and select None in the list that appears. When you come to the disk you want to use as secondary, select the slices one by one and press D for each one. When all slices have been deleted, just press A, then W. When you're done, go back to the main menu and select Label. Then you will see a screen with all the slices you configured, and available space in each one. Select the one in the secondary disc and press C to create a partition. You'll be asked to enter the desired size of the new partition, and if you want just one partition on the entire disk, just press enter. If you want more than one partition, repeat this until you're satisfied, then make a note the device name(s) created (for instance ad1s1e) and press W. The partition(s) will be formated. I don't think this will make the disk automount, so you'll have to edit your /etc/fstab file, which contains info on all the filesystems to be mounted on boot, one line per entry. This is what an fstab entry looks like

/dev/ad1s1e  /usr   ufs    rw    2    2

First is the file system's device node, then under what directory you want it to be mounted, third is the filesystem type (should be ufs for native FreeBSD partitions), fourth is options (rw means read/write, see man fstab for other options). The last two columns should be set to 2, except for the root filesystem (should be 1) and swap, procfs and other specialities (should be 0). Once you're done, save the file and reboot, and you're disc should be automatically mounted.


Vänligen / Sincerly,
Rolf Nielsen
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