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> What I'd like to do is this... right now my NIC answers
> (for instance) externally and that's the address I use for Apache's
> NameVirtualHost directives. I would also like my NIC to answer on
> (second network connection) and serve the same VirtualHost
> directives...
> So, what happens is, in NS1.NAMESERVER.NET (which is on the 212 network)
> the A record for my box is and, if that network should
> fail, the requests will be answered by NS2.NAMESERVER.NET (which is on
> the 252 network) and it has an A record for my box of So,
> in effect, the name server's availability actually directs the traffic
> to the available network connection.
> Does that make sense?

Sure.  What you want isn't two default routers, because at any given
time there's only one way you want to route this traffic.  What you
really want is to change default router when the outside world sees
one as down.  A little tricky, because the system itself might not see
main network as problematic, even though the rest of the Internet does.

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