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Rakhesh Sasidharan wrote:

On Tue, 31 Jul 2007, Bram Van Steenlandt wrote:
So what I would really like is to make one machine the build/test machine and keep this machine up to date with the ports and portmanager or so. Can I then set up some kind of repo with the packages from this machine and run something like "yum upgrade" on every desktop we have ?

1. Use one machine as the build/ test machine. Let /usr/ports be on that, and shared to all the other machines.

2. Keep the ports tree up-to-date on this machine, and while building ports make packages too. (`make package-recursive` will do I guess). These will be stored on /usr/ports/packages.

3. On the clients, let /usr/ports be the shared one from the main machine.
  a) If you want to find the packages that need updating, use
     something like `pkg_version -l "<"`.
  b) If you want to update *all* the packages, use something like
     `portupgrade -aPP`.

I haven't done any of these myself. Just that if I were in a situation such as yours, this is what I'd probably do.

rsync or some other means of sharing data may be better than a global share as you might have one machine with a different architecture building under a work directory in the /usr/ports directory.

Or set "WRKDIRPREFIX=   /tmp" in your /etc/make.conf on all machines ... ?

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